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Artist and Artist Manager Training Programs

  • Artists and Musicians

    Our 6-month Artist Mastery program is designed specifically for a limited number of very serious, working artists and bands. This is an intensive one-on-one program designed to help you reach much higher levels in the industry. This includes:

    • Developing short and long-term plans for your career
    • Contract negotiation
    • Getting more and/or better gigs
    • Selling more music and/or merchandise
    • Increasing any royalties you receive
    • Developing new income steams
    • Finding lucrative new opportunities
    • Getting endorsements
    • Considerably improving your skills
    • Advanced marketing
    • Industry Networking
    • Much more!

  • Artist Managers

    The 6-month Management Mastery program is designed to help inexperienced artist managers learn how to effectively and profitably manage their artists. We walk you through all of the critical aspects of development and management, including but not limited to:

    • Developing a career strategy
    • Raising capital
    • Writing an artist business plan
    • Getting the right gigs and attracting booking agents
    • Getting endorsements
    • Pitching to labels
    • Managing your artist’s finances
    • Increasing your artist’s income
    • Developing alternative income streams for your artists
    • Contract negotiation
    • Industry Networking
    • And much more

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