This intensive program prepares a serious artist to attract a booking agent, manager and other team members. We review and strengthen every aspect of the artist's business, songwriting, song choices, gigs, stage appeal, team, budget, marketing and more. The ultimate goal is that the artist is performing, recording, selling music, monetizing their talents and making an acceptable profit. See more...
Tapping into our global network of music industry professionals, we represent certain qualified artists to managers, booking agents, promoters, publicists, record labels etc. The differences between this and artist management are that this program doesn't have the long-term commitment of management. See more...
Are You New To The Music Industry?

Are You New To The Music Industry?

Welcome! If you are new to the music business, we welcome you to register for free (left hand column) and check out dozens of valuable articles on getting started.
Beyond The Beginner Stage?
If you are beyond the beginner stage and are serious about making money making music, we invite you to CLICK HERE and check out a 5 minute video to see if and how Indie Connect can help you.

Indie Connect Presents…

An important new video series for parents of young musicians!

This 2 -hr, 8-video series will help you:

  • Understand your child’s musical development
  • Understand your role as parent and as your child’s first manager
  • Learn how the music industry works so you can make wise decisions and avoid the sharks!
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