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Artist and Artist Manager Training Programs

  • Artists and Musicians

    Our 3-6-month Artist Mastery program is designed specifically for very serious working artists and bands struggling to reach higher levels. This is an intensive, personally tailored one-on-one program designed to help you reach your highest potential in the industry. It includes:

    • Developing short and long-term plans for your career
    • Understanding contracts and negotiation
    • Getting more and/or better gigs
    • Selling more music and/or merchandise
    • Increasing any royalties you receive
    • Developing new income steams
    • Finding lucrative new opportunities
    • Getting endorsements
    • Considerably improving your skills
    • Advanced marketing
    • Industry networking
    • Much more!

  • Artist Managers

    The 3-6 month Management Mastery program is designed to help new or less-experienced artist managers learn how to effectively and profitably manage their artists. We walk you through all of the critical aspects of development and management, including but not limited to:

    • Developing a career strategy
    • Raising capital
    • Writing an artist business plan
    • Getting the right gigs and attracting booking agents
    • Getting endorsements
    • Pitching to labels
    • Managing your artist’s finances
    • Increasing your artist’s income
    • Developing alternative income streams for your artists
    • Contract negotiation
    • Industry Networking
    • And much more

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