Building Your Artist Dream Team

2019 Vinny Ribas

I can’t tell you exactly who should be on your dream team because it depends on the kind of music you play, what your goals are, where you live and tour and more. You may have a manager, booking agent, tour manager, band members, attorney, accountant, publicist, marketing manager and more, or you may not need more than one or two of them. But I can tell you 6 traits you should look for and insist on in your team members.

  1. Mutual Trust – The most important factor in any team is that each party trusts the others 100%. Anything less causes doubt and suspicion or confusion and uncertainty. 
  2. Strong Work Ethic – Each party must believe that they other parties have a strong work ethic. If one person is lagging behind, and there is not a good reason for it, it can result in resentment and undue blame. However, you must always leave room for the unexpected to put a wrench in things once in a while. 
  3. Shared Goals and Dreams – Everyone on the team must be aware of, buy into and work towards the same goals. If there is any disparity in these, then everyone will be shooting at different targets.  
  4. Shared Methodology – Everyone has to agree on the road map for reaching your goals. If even 2 team members are on different paths, it will be much more difficult or even impossible for everyone to arrive at the primary goal together and on time.
  5. The Same Priorities – Every member on your team must know and make decisions based on the exact same chain of priorities. Without this you will be caught in an ugly tug of war between members. 
  6. The Same Ethics – Every member of your team must operate by the same moral compass. If just one person compromises your ethical position, it could negatively affect or even permanently scar your reputation and that of the others on your team.   
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