5 Reasons Why Many Artists Fail

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I have consulted over 1000 artists over the years. In that time I have noticed a number of recurring situations or issues that prevented many of them from moving up the ladder of success. Here are my top 5:

  1. Misunderstanding the way the industry works when it comes to achieving their individual goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for success. Every artist must determine exactly what the right path is for them. That often means passing on some or a lot of what is is recommended for indie artists by the ‘gurus’.
  2. Not knowing or not being prepared for all of the opportunities that are available to them. This ranges from  bookinglucrative venues that they don’t know to pursue to PR opportunities that they don’t recognize. It includes film and TV placements as well as sponsorships and endoresemets.
  3. Leaving money on the table. This includes not being registerd with a PRO, with Sound Exchange or with the AFM SAG-AFTRA Fund. It includes not having someone administer their personal publishing company. It even includes selling the wrong merch at gigs.
  4. Not building a team. No matter who you are are what level your’re at, building a team is critical. You may not be able to attract a manager or booking agent yet. You can find a way to hire a coach to help you become attractive to them. You can and should mobilize your fans to act as your street team. You can recruit interns to help with your marketing.  You can even barter for the help you need.
  5. Letting fear control your actions. This includes the fear of booking gigs. It includes being afraid to ask for help. It means being afraid to charge what you’re actually worth. I’m not saying you have to be fearless. But you have to have the tenacity and strength to act in spite of it!

Vinny Ribas is an artist manager, artist consultant and CEO of Indie Connect.

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