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Engagement Budgeting Workbook (Excel)

In order to lnow that your business is profitable, you need to know every detail of each gig and every expense that you will incur. This detailed workbook (MS Excel) enables you to ask all the right questions to insure there are no suprise costs, that you’ve asked for enough to pay everythig and everyone,…

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1 Yr. Budget and Financial Projection Spreadsheet For Indie Artists

Use this fill-in-the-blank spreadsheet to determine all of your music-business-related income and expenses over the next 12 months. Create a month-to-month projection of your profits or losses. Use it to determine if you have adequate funding, need to otain funding and/or if you will make an reasonable profit. Also, banks and investors will require this…

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Sample Engagement Contract (basic)

For your general information only, this is an example of a simple engagement contract. Many contracts include many other terms, conditions, clauses and addendums, depending on the nature of the engagement and the needs of the artist I am not an attorney, and this is not to be considered legal advice in any form. Therefore,…

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Getting Gigs – A Goals And Action Plan

OK, so you have a lot of talent. Now what? If getting gigs is the next step in your career path, then the attached step-by-step Action Plan to getting gigs is exactly what you need. It begins with putting the strongst possible act together, and then walks you through the varios things you’ll need to…

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Recording Project Budgeting Spreadsheet

The Recording Project Budget is an Excel Spreadsheet designed to help you determine how much your entire project will cost, including studio, personnel, duplication, musicins and singers, marketing, graphic design, accompanying merchandise and more. Click on the link belw to download the Recording Project Budget. Recording-Project-Worksheet

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Marketing Your Act and Your Music – Goals and Action Plan

You have your act together (in every sense of the phrase), and now it is time to start marketing it. You probably have limited time, and possibly limited, if any, money in your marketing budget. In any case, you need to get he word out so that the world knows you exist and can start…

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