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101 Ways For A Musician To Make Money!

The age of artists just performing and selling CDs are passing us by quickly. The successful artist needs to create multiple streams of income. Here is a tremendous article from DIYMusician.CDBabycom on 101 ways that a musician can diversify his or her income sources. This e-book is from 2013.

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3 Major Challenges That Keep Most Music Careers from Flourishing

If you truly have talent but you’re not going as far and fast as you wish you would, there are usually just a few reasons why: 1. You’re good at what you do but you don’t stand out from the crowd. You need to be unique in at least one prominent way. That’s how you…

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10 Tips For Getting The Gigs You Really Want

by Vinny Ribas Every artist has their list of ‘dream gigs’ that they’d really like to play. Here are some tips for getting those gigs. Work your way up to the gig. Start playing smaller venues with similar crowds. Leverage your successes there to sell your act to your target venue.  Study everything about your…

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10 Ways To Land More Gigs

These days many artists are struggling to get as many gigs as they need, and especially to get them at the rate of pay they need. Here are a few suggestions for filling your calendar. These particular ideas may not fit you perfectly, If not, just be aware of the creative ways you can increase…

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Vinny Ribas the CEO and founder of Indie Connect and the Virtual Music Conference, was interviewed recently by Joe Carroccio of The discussion revolved around valuable tips for indie artists. You can hear the interview here: 11Radio plays a wide variety of independent music and is heard worldwide! For information on submitting your songs,…

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3 Strategies For Getting Gigs

© 2013 Vinny Ribas The number of well-paying gigs seems to be getting smaller.  That is why every artist needs to realize that there are 3 different strategies that he or she can use to fill the calendar. The first and most obvious is to try to get gigs that already exist. An example of this…

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4 Ways To Set Yourself Apart from The Masses

If you want to stand out from the millions of other indie artists vying for the public’s attention, here are a few pointers. Build relationships with your fans. Take the time to get to know them as well as to share some things about yourself. To most artists, their fan base is a big blur.…

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Long Term Success Requires Critical Thinking

© 2013 Vinny Ribas As an indie artist you have a million things on your plate at any given time. You have to get gigs, rehearse, perform, write songs, market yourself, record your music, sell your music, take lessons etc., etc. The day-to-day list can seem unending and overwhelming. As a result I often see…

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The Real Costs Of Being A Successful Musician Or Indie Artist

Everything has it’s price. Being a steadily-working musicians or artist is no exception. The trick is to be able to identify all of the prices you will need to pay in order to reach and stay at the professional level. Here are some things you’ll need to invest: Money – This is obvious, but do…

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10 Reasons Why Bands Fail

Keeping a good band together is one of the hardest things to do. There are countless reasons why bands break up. The sad part is that most of them could have been avoided with just a little foresight. Here are 10 traps to avoid: Too many cooks. One person needs to be the leader, even…

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