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Giving The Gift Of Music

© 2011 Vinny Ribas In these tough economic times, everyone is cutting corners. One place we tend rto cut back is on gift-giving. Since you have musical talent, here are some ideas that can save you money and just might mean more to your family and friends than the anything you could buy from a…

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Don’t Wait To Make A Difference

© 2010 Vinny Ribas I am pleased at the number of artists that I meet who just want to be famous enough thatt they can ‘make a difference’ in the lives of others. However, I am concerned that they think they need to wait for celebrity status to have an impact. I believe that you…

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Guarding Your Brand And Reputation

© 2011 Vinny Ribas Let’s face it – we are all human. And as human nature would have it, sometimes we do or say something that we wish hadn’t. It might be a quick slip of the tongue, telling a joke that offends someone or sending an email that is construed wrong. And if we…

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With Influence Comes Responsibility

© 2011 Vinny Ribas As an artist who performs in public, you want people to pay attention to you. That’s how they become fans. But in chasing this, whether you realize it or not, you put yourself in a position of influence. You are the man or woman on stage who is telling the audience…

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