One-On-One Coaching

Vinny Ribas

If you're stuck when it comes to growing your music career, Vinny Ribas is the right coach for you. He is an expert in both the music industry and in business coaching, both necessary to really launch and grow a music career. His credits include 40+ years as a musician, artist manager, booking agent, studio owner, producer, songwriter, author of numerous industry books, author of hundreds of articles, conference speaker, workshop conductor and the Entertainment  Director for the NV State Fair. He has also coached over 1000 artists as the founder and CEO of Indie Connect. On the business side, he is a speaker, workshop conductor, author (books and articles), business consultant, business plan and grant writer and mastermind conductor. He is the co-founder of LeaderBridge, a business training company, and Top 4M Entertainment, a film and TV production company.

Other Coaches and Consultants

Over the years Indie Connect has developed relationships with hundreds of music industry experts in every sector and at every level of the industry. Many of these industry pros are available for private coaching and consulting.

Unfortunately, we have seen so many artists and songwriters being misled because they got their advice or counseling from less-than-reputable sources.  So it is our goal to help you connect with an honest and very capable coach or consultant who will never mislead you and who will be of tremendous service to you.  Of course, fees vary based on the coach, but many of them give us deals not available to the general public. Some of the categories in which we have relationships include...

  • Artist Development

    Artist developers are people who specialize in helping up and coming artists put all of the pieces together to move their careers forward. This can range from developing a website to helping with songwriting, and from marketing their music to getting gigs.

  • Artist Management

    We have worked with a number of reputable artist managers who have worked with both indie artists and top selling acts. Consider talking to one of these experienced managers if you need help attracting one. Note: This is not an opprtunity for submitting your act for consideration, but might lead to one.

  • Production

    Whether you’re looking to speak with a producer, engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer or studio owner, we’ve got you covered.  Our partners run the gamut from small demo studios all the way up to major label producers.

  • Legal Advice

    Indie Connect works with several reputable entertainment attorneys. If you have a legal question or challenge, we will point you to the right attorney with experience dealing with your exact issue.

  • Songwriting

    We have relationships with hit songwriters, publishers, song pluggers, representatives from songwriting organizations and songwriting instructors or mentors. It’s always good to get an expert’s opinion on your songs and your demos.

  • Marketing

    Effective marketing is the key to everything from releasing a song to radio to promoting your gigs online, and from planning a CD release party to getting your fans to your gigs. A marketing expert can help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Also Live Performance, Financial Management, Music Licensing and More!