Indie Connect is a global business club for serious independent artists, musicians, songwriters and music industry professionals. We help you increase your chances of success in the industry by providing expert guidance, knowledge and advice, combined with networking and marketing opportunities. We accomplish this through numerous live, online and virtual mediums so that you can access what you need exactly when you need it. See the list of benefits and features of membership below.

General Membership


Increase Your Skills And Industry Knowledge With Hundreds Of Online Video, Articles, Podcasts and Tools General Member Content All Including Advanced Training
Save Money With Discounts to Live and Online Indie Connect Events Yes Yes
Participate In Live Indie Connect Member Events All Except for Pro-Member Only All
Participation In Online Indie Connect member Events All Except for Pro-Member Only All
Submit songs for consideration by artists managed or being developed by Indie Connect Some All
Get Widespread Recognition With A Feature in the Indie Connect blog No Yes
Participate In Live and Online Member-Only Events Yes Yes
Move Your Career Forward With Ongoing Training Via Email Yes Yes
Save Money With Discounts on Products and Services From Our Partners
Yes Yes
Get Career Advice By Participating In Monthly Group Career Coaching Calls Hosted By Vinny Ribas and/or other Industry Experts No Yes
Cost $9.95 Per Month* $19.95 Per Month*

For questions or to report registration problems, CONTACT US.

* You will be billed monthly on the anniversary of your registration until you cancel your membership.

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