Choosing the right producer and studio are critical to your success in order to ensure:

- You get the exact sound you want

- Your production team is easy to work with

- You stay within your budget

- You receive a production agreement that is fair and protects your interests (song copyrights, copyrights of the master recordings etc.)

- You have the very best producer, musicians and/or singers within your budget working on your project

- There are no hidden surprises, now or later

- You are treated with respect

- You are not working with a 'shark who is only out to take your money

Whether you live outside of Nashville and just need a song demo recorded or you're coming to Nashville to record your own project, you need to be 100% confident you are not squandering your money. Let us help. We will tap into our vast network of industry connections to put together a team that will be a perfect match for your project and budget.