Work Backwards

2019 Vinny Ribas

If you’re wondering why you’re not making progress in your career, it might be because do your planning by looking forward. The best way to achieve anything great is to state your absolute end goal, and then define the steps that will need to be done just before you reach it. Then list the tasks that would come immediately before that. Work your way to the present, and you now have a chronologically planned out to-do list. Just start working from the bottom of the list. Here’s a very short example:

Goal: Perform at the XYZ Bar:

  • Last step – Sign the contract.
  • Previous – Agree on the date and the money
  • Previous – Pitch the band to the bar manager
  • Previous – Find out who the bar manager is and a little about him or her
  • Previous – Update the website with the new promo video and the latest pics and bio.
  • Previous – Film the promo video
  • Previous – Find and hire the videographer
  • Previous – Find and book a place to shoot the video
  • Previous – Determine what will go into the promo video Previous – Get the budget for a new promo video.
  • Previous – host a Kickstarter campaign

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