There is a dire need for simple, straightforward, constantly updated information about how the music industry works and how to navigate it safely and effectively 

Talented young musicians are discouraged from entering the industry because neither they nor their parents understand how it works. They often make costly mistakes in the process. Here are some stories:

  • An 18 year old artist who had literally just moved to Nashville immediately received 2 management offers from people who had never even seen her perform or heard her music. 
  • A young bride met someone who offered to produce her first 5-song EP. She paid him $25,000 on credit cards! One song the producer brought to the table was never cleared for first use by the publisher, so. she had 1000 CDs that she could do nothing with. 
  • In a workshop we hosted on management agreements, a veteran entertainment attorney shared examples of actual bad and often career ending deals that he brought up made everyone’s skin crawl. 
  • We hire up numerous music industry interns from prominent universities  every semester. Most do they not know what field of music they want to enter after graduation. They don’t even know their options.  
  • Our clients have included reputable former major label artists who didn’t know how to proceed since their label dropped them. The label had taken care of everything for them, so they were just lost.
  • A former client was a hit Christian artist. We told him about Sound Exchange. They had $6,000 in escrow for him, and more due him from a band he fronted. He never would have know it was there.  

Millions of musicians worldwide struggle to be heard or to just make a living in the music industry. Yet there are no reliable sources for understanding the industry & working through the process.

This video series will consist of:

  • HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS  200+ videos featuring respected professionals explaining the ins and outs of the music industry from a practical and legal perspective. The videos will try to answer every question you might have, as well as give you necessary knowledge you just didn't know you needed. No hype - no promises - just the facts.
  • CAREER CHOICES  150+ video showcasing the many career choices available in the industry, with industry pros explaining their responsibilities, the job requirements, how someone gets started and the salary range.
  • AVOIDING SCAMS  50+ videos showing how scammers take advantage of artists and songwriters, and how to avoid them.