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Millions of singers, musicians and industry professionals worldwide struggle to navigate the ever-changing music industry. They make mistakes, waste time, squander money, deal with constant frustration and sometimes get ripped off because they don't have all the knowledge they need. Yet there are no reliable sources for understanding the industry & working through the process. Until now! Introducing...

Cartne will be the an in-depth video and audio library of over 450 videos covering: :

  • HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS - We're producing 200+ videos featuring respected professionals explaining the ins and outs of the music industry from a practical and legal perspective. The videos will try to answer every question you might have, as well as give you necessary knowledge you just didn't know you needed. No hype - no promises - just the facts.
  • CAREER CHOICES - We're also producing 200+ video showcasing the many career choices available in the industry, with industry pros explaining their responsibilities, the job requirements, how someone gets started, the salary range, the skills required and much more.
  • AVOIDING SCAMS  Lastly, we're producing 50+ videos showing you how to recognize and avoid the countless scams, rip-offs, phonies and sharks that plague the industry.

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