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After Prison, Alternative-Soul Artist Chris Timbers Vows to “Keep Movin”‘

Chris TimbersIt’s hard for an independent artist to break into the music scene these days. On top of talent itself it takes long hours of dedicated commitment to writing, performing, marketing and so much more. But when alternative-soul singer-songwriter Chris Timbers talks about the journey, his first thought, is “This is a piece of cake compared to spending 6½ years in prison!”

Timbers’ freshman solo release, “Keep Movin’” is a direct reflection of that journey. As he explains it, “The title song is about reconnecting with old friends after a long time away, and ‘Medicine’” is about healing through the medicine of music. That is what I dove back into with all my heart while I was away.”

The 13-song album doesn’t take very long to capture your ear. His style has a bit of a retro feel and might be described as a cross between Amos Lee, Dave Matthews and Eric Clapton. His songwriting is first class. But it’s his soothing and soulful voice that sweeps you away from the very first word out of his mouth.

Timbers has vowed to not let his challenging background get in the way of his music success. In fact, he has a heart for helping others who are being released form prison re-connect with society. “One thing I know I want to do is perform for fundraising concerts and dinner shows for nonprofit organizations that help with prisoner reentry. I want to tell my story and let others know that it’s possible to move back into a normal and productive life”

Since his release, Chris has been very active in the Northern Virginia music scene. He’s now looking to take his music and his message around the world.

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