Conducting an Indie Connect Meeting


Conducting A Meeting (audio)

Finding a Meeting Location for Indie Connect Meetings (audio)

Weekly Communication about Meetings

Please Send:

  • scans of sign-in sheets from each meeting (attached below) and;
  • information about your upcoming meetings

Send to or fax to 615-691-7161.

Meeting Coordinator Checklist – What to bring to a meeting

Event sign-in sheet for 1st time attendees. Please have everyone sign this completely if they’ve never been to a meeting before- Event Sign-In Sheet

Returnees sign-in sheet – This can be used for anyone who has already been to a meeting so we don’t need all of their information again-  Returning Attendee SPEED Sign


Conducting an Indie Connect meeting – Conducting an Indie Connect Meeting

Meeting opening and closing

Photo of the Greeting Table at Nashville Indie Connect meeting – Greeting Table

Meeting Handout – front and back.  Print your contact information, current topic and speaker, upcoming events, any sponsor logos or advertising etc. on the flip side and fold in half.  Meeting Handout

Sample of Inside Of Meeting Handout w/contact info, events, sponsor logo etc.Meeting Handout Sample Inside

Event Budget/Profit and Loss – Event P and L

Troubleshooting Meeting Attendance