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Visiting Nashville

In this 90 minute audio course Marc Alan Barnette shares his insights with Vinny Ribas into how to maximize your visit to Nashville, explaining what to do and not to do, what to expect and not to expect, what to avoid, how to get connected and how to be accepted by the industry. Includes a bonus ebook - 'Overview of the Nashville Music Industry'!


Help! My Kid's A Musician!

This 2 hr. course covers topics like navigating the music industry so you don't get taken by sharks, understanding the creative mind, troubleshooting common challenges such as loss of interest and more.


What Makes Artists and Musicians Successful?

Do you wonder why other artists get the gigs & opportunities that you've been working for? In the course we uncover the many things that successful artists and musicians have in common, any one of which might be that missing piece that is keeping you from reaching your full potential. Small changes can yield big results!


More Training and Resources

Here are a few of our favorite resources for singers, musicians and managers...

Singing In The Studio

Judy Rodman, a #1 selling artist and songwriter turned producer and top vocal coach has put together an incredibly powerful resource for singers, producers and engineers on how to get the absolute best vocal sound in the studio!