‘Live Music Mini-Makeover’ with Amy Wolter

amy wolterContrary to what most people think, audiences don’t go to shows just to hear music! They go to experience ‘moments’. The more moments you create, the more people you make a connection with during the show. In this video, Amy talks about how to create moments in your set and demonstrates by working one-on-one with indie artist, Tyson Bowman.

Amy is a certified Tom Jackson live music producer. Before she began live production, she was the female lead singer in the Christian rock band Fighter, Amy has sung in front of thousands over the years. The band was signed to Word label ‘Wonderland’ and released two CD’s in the early 90’s – ‘The Waiting’ and ‘Bang the Drum’. (Husband Jim Wolter was the band’s bass player.) Her songwriting skills earned the band several top 10 CCM hits, with ‘Look Me in the Eye’, ‘Radio Man’ and ‘Alone with You’ among them. Fighter ended their successful 7-year run at a festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil in front of 110,000 people.

Amy Wolter – Part 1 – 28:15

Amy Wolter – Part 2 – 35:23