Indie Connect Magazine

Indie Connect Magazine is a free, interactive online publication that is viewed by tens of thousands of musicians worldwide. The entire focus of the magazine is to help bands, singers, musicians, songwriters and industry professionals better navigate the ever-changing landscape of the industry. It features interviews, articles, videos, audio recordings and more from both artists and experts from every sector of the industry.


Format: Indie Connect Magazine is an ever-ongoing online publication. We add new articles and videos weekly and simply place them in front of the older ones. As we add new items we remove some of the older items and archive them in the free training section of this website. We change the cover story every 6-8 weeks, which constitutes a 'new issue'. However, the older content and advertising remains online for an extended time frame.

Distribution: Indie Connect sends the magazine directly to 50,000 artists, songwriters and professionals. It is also marketed through major industry companies and organizations such as ReverbNation (3.5 million members) and the Indie Bible (290,000+ members).

Showcases: Beginning in March 2017 the magazine will showcase at least one artist each week. Applications for these showcases are being accepted through ReverbNation.

Article Submissions: We are always looking for new articles and/or videos that will help our readers/viewers. Please email your submission idea to

Advertising: Advertising is available in the magazine on a per-issue basis. All ads are a full page and can contain animated text and photos, a video and more.  Please request a price list at

Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are also available for our live and online events, The Business Side of Music podcast, this website and more. Package deals are also available. Inquire at