Tom Blizzard: Leveraging Relationships

For one Nashville photographer, his dream music career is one step closer. Tom Blizzard heads to Poland to perform at the “Festiwal Piknik Country Mrągowo” Music Festival. But how he got the gig is worth noting for every musician.

Wojciech Dudkowski is a popular Country Musician in Poland, along with his award-winning band “Droga Na Ostrołękę”. Tom Blizzard is a Nashville-based photographer and multi-genre musician. Wojciech and Tom met randomly in August of 2017. Tom had moved to Nashville in 2015 to pursue music but was quickly discouraged and turned most of his artistic passion to his other love which is photography. Wojciech had travelled to Nashville as sort of a “Mecca” for country music to visit and perform some open mics. He was performing in Franklin, TN at a writer’s night at The Legendary Kimbro’s Pickin’ Parlor and Tom happened to be there with his camera. He snapped a series of photos and met Wojciech after his short set. They talked, exchanged information and connected online. After delivering some of the photos a few days later, Wojciech started using them in his promotions and Tom and Wojciech became better friends online trough social media.

At the beginning of 2018, Tom decided to continue with his musical aspirations, and it was around this time that he turned all of that information back “ON” and made it accessible to the world again. Upon discovering that Tom is not just a photographer, but also an actor, an entertainer and most importantly a singer, Wojciech invited Tom to come to Poland in July to sing with his band at the Festiwal Piknik Country Mrągowo 2018; a large Country Music Festival in Mrągowo, Poland. Even that simple invitation turned into more as Tom and Wojciech are currently scheduled to record two of Wojciech’s original Polish songs in English in the studio after Tom’s arrival, and a few more small performances have been added to the schedule as well.

All of this has really helped to encourage Tom and progress his music forward. Tom is working with a consultant to create a new show, he has started writing and collaborating again, and he even appeared on the Grinder’s Switch Radio Hour (America’s third oldest live music radio show) on July 14. Tom’s current release “Tom Blizzard and His Band at the Ghetto Palace” is available at all major online outlets and features the big band doing Pop and Standard covers. When asked about what will follow this trip to Poland, Tom said “I’m planning on being in the studio later this year. I’m hoping to get back to my roots some and produce music with a more Americana sound. It’s a big leap from the 17-piece big band I used to have on the Gulf Coast, but my varied background includes Rockabilly, Blues, Jazz, Americana, and Roots Country, and I am trying to blend that all together.”

And that “dream music career” that is inching closer? Tom says “I really want to travel Europe with my guitar and my cameras. I want to capture everything I can with my cameras, and entertain as many people as will listen with some great Americana music!”


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