100 Quick Tips, Tricks and Resources

Blue guitaristAvoiding Road Fatigue or Cabin (bus/hotel) Fever

  1. Find ways to keep yourself occupied, such as video games, board games, writing a book etc.
  2. Initiate interactive dialogues with friends and family via phone, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. Challenge yourself to do things you’ve never done rather than get stuck in a rut.
  4. Clean and repair your equipment.
  5. Give instrument or vocal lessons over the Internet.
  6. Use your free time wherever you are to network.
  7. Use social networks to make friends before you get to town so you know someone when you get there.
  8. Volunteer to help a nonprofit organization while you’re in town.
  9. Take up a hobby or project to work on.
  10. Practice/rehearse.

Steps To Help You Get The Gigs You Want

  1. Prepare all of the promotional items you might need (website, EPK, printed package).
  2. Identify the venue you want to play.
  3. Research online for acts that have performed there.
  4. Ask the other act about the venue.
  5. Ask the other act about the pricing (be sensitive).
  6. Contact the manager/buyer.
  7. Follow his or her instructions to a tee.
  8. Ask when you should follow up and then do it.
  9. Once you have dates, send (or sign) the contract immediately.
  10. Confirm the gig 2 weeks ahead of time.

Things To Watch For And Either Capitalize On (Or Avoid Mentioning) Wherever You Perform

  1. Bring up local sports victories to energize your audience.
  2. Be aware of small group celebrations in your audience, such as an engagement.
  3. Ask if anyone is having a birthday (or look for a cake or presents).
  4. Check for local current affairs -watch for audience members celebrating a political victory.
  5. Be sensitive to a group that looks like it is grieving over a death.
  6. Be aware of any signs of a celebration such as graduation, anniversary etc.
  7. Listen for reasons to congratulate someone from stage, such as someone getting a job promotion.
  8. Listen for business victories, such as a company landing a big contract.
  9. Be aware of any local holidays that you can play up to.
  10. Watch for couples that are upset or fighting and never attract attention to them.

Reasons you should have an emergency fund

  1. Equipment repairs
  2. Equipment purchase or replacement
  3. Vehicle repairs
  4. Vehicle replacement
  5. Cancelled Gigs
  6. Legal issues
  7. Equipment rental
  8. Vehicle rental
  9. Sickness to where you can’t perform
  10. Any unexpected expenses

Private Events That Can Pay Well

  1. Weddings
  2. Corporate parties
  3. Private events (e.g. home party)
  4. Political rallies and events
  5. Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
  6. Christmas parties
  7. New Years Eve
  8. Major Anniversary Parties (25th, 50th etc.)
  9. Milestone birthdays
  10. Other Private gatherings (graduation, job promotion, going away parties etc)

Spare Parts You Should Always Carry With You

  1. All cables
  2. Microphone
  3. Fuses (if your equipment uses them)
  4. Guitar Strings
  5. Drum Sticks
  6. Drum Heads
  7. Power cords (that attached to your equipment)
  8. Extension cord
  9. Every kind of battery you might need
  10. Guitar picks

Ways To Interact With Your Fans Online

  1. Offer a sale on your music.
  2. Send monthly or bi-monthly newsletters.
  3. Hold contests.
  4. Give status updates regularly.
  5. Offer spontaneous free downloads.
  6. Invite fans to meet you in a chat room.
  7. Do a live broadcast via webcam (doesn’t have to be a gig).
  8. Conduct a survey, and offer something free to anyone who fills it out.
  9. Ask for help in marketing your shows or music.
  10. Send text messages regarding shows, sales etc.

People Who Can Help You Get Booked At Weddings

  1. Bridal Consultants
  2. Wedding Photographers
  3. Wedding Videographers
  4. Caterers
  5. Venue managers
  6. The staff at wedding shops
  7. The staff at party supply stores
  8. DJs and karaoke DJs
  9. Priests. Ministers etc.
  10. Other bands

Reasons To Take A Gig Regardless Of The Money

  1. Great press coverage
  2. It’s for a good cause.
  3. You’ll get good exposure to a large audience (e.g. opening for a major artist).
  4. It is a prestigious gig.
  5. Entertainment buyers will be there.
  6. It fills an odd date on your calendar.
  7. It’s a favor.
  8. It will lead to further gigs at the same venue.
  9. It introduces you to an entirely new audience.
  10. You can use it as a paid rehearsal for a bigger show .

Websites That Can Help You Get or Find Gigs

    1. SonicBids.com
    2. PartyPop.com
    3. Houseconcerts.com
    4. GigMaven.com
    5. ExploreTalent.com
    6. CallbackNews.com