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About Indie Connect

Without Indie Connect I would have never met so many folks who I’ve since written songs with. I’ve learned from folks like Judy Rodman, who also helped me get several chart singles, and Nashville legends like the brilliant Marc Alan Barnette.

Roy August, Hit Songwriter

Indie Connect has given me tools, connections and ongoing knowledge about all things in the music industry. I am so grateful for Vinny and Connie's hard work.

Alayna, Indie Artist

Vinny Ribas founded Indie Connect in September 2007 with his wife Connie.  The company's mission is:

‘To ensure that choosing a career in the music industry is a viable, profitable and sustainable option for anyone who wants it and has both a marketable talent and a strong work ethic.”


The company began as just an informal weekly luncheon at with 5-6 people from different sectors of the industry would get together for lunch to talk music business and try to help each other. It didn't take long for the industry to take note and within 2 months each weekly meeting had 20-30 participants. Each meeting also featured a guest speaker who was videotaped, giving us the foundation for our online training library.  Over the first few years the company hosted up to 5 music industry networking events in the Nashville area every week and had several chapters meeting monthly around the country. But times have changed and everything has moved online, so our business model followed suit. Today the comapny specializes in these distinct areas:

  • Artist Management - We represent serious established artists who perform mostly in mid-sized concert venues.
  • Artist Consulting - We choose exceptionally talented artists and serious artist managers and mentor them to the point where they are making a steady profit from their music.
  • Artist Manager Training - We help newer artist managers better understand the industry and how to set up and manage their artist's business affairs.
  • Live and Online Workshops and Courses – We host live and online workshops and develop online courses for musicians and industry professionals.
  • Online Training Library - We have a free online library with over 100 video and audio workshops and hundreds of articles on all aspects of building a music career.
  • Music Industry Networking: Indie Connect runs multiple music industry networking events as well as workshops in the Nashville area.

The Team

vinnyspeaking smallAbout Vinny Ribas

The founder and CEO of Indie Connect, Vinny has been in the music industry for 55+ years. His past and current experience includes 25 years as a full-time musician and band leader, a recording studio owner/producer, songwriter, artist manager and a mentor and consultant to over 1,000 artists. He was a booking agent for20+ years and the Entertainment Director for the NV Sate Fair for 3 years. He has authored several music industry and non-industry books and courses as well as over 500 published articles.

Vinny is the CEO of Top 4M Entertainment, a film and TV production company that owns 3 TV channels launching in the fall of 2019.

Vinny is also a business consultant to non-music-related businesses. He is an accomplished business plan and grant writer, and has 11 years experience in nonprofit management.

About Gina Donaldson

Gina has been assisting Indie Connect's management and consulting clients since 2017. She studied artist management through Berklee College of Music's online program and is a true student of the industry. She works directly with artists to help them in the areas of strategic planning, branding, marketing and booking.

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