Indie Connect Internships


Our small but diversified music industry team:

Manages 2 artists

Consults many more artists

Produces a music industry podcast

Publishes an online music industry magazine

Hosts music industry events

A whole lot more!

We are also closely associated with Top 4M Entertainment, a soon-to-launch film and TV production company. We have recently partnered with a program to book artists into schools all around the US and Canada to perform and speak on various social acceptance issues and developed a similar program of our own.

Please note: We do not ‘waste’ your time by having you do menial tasks unless we absolutely need it. We expect you to dive in and become an important, active member of the team. If we can’t teach you what you want to learn, we’ll tell you we’re not the right fit for you.

 Assistant to the CEO

If you’re interested in learning everything you can about every aspect of the music industry (as well as the film and TV industry), this may be exactly the right path for you. I (Vinny Ribas) need someone to help me with all aspects of running Indie Connect, coordinating our various programs and managing our artists. Responsibilities can include:

  • Basic administrative tasks (phone calls, setting appointments, research etc.)
  • Taking on specific roles within a project (e.g. helping to tour manage the school tour)
  • Assisting artists with tasks (e.g. learning how to set up a Spotify artist profile)
  • Helping to market the company, all of our products and our artists
  • Developing courses to sell
  • Working on a film/TV set
  • Music event planning and hosting
  • Music conference planning
  • Basically, you will be asked to jump in wherever you are needed.

Management and Consulting

We are seeking 1-2 artist management interns to assist with the daily tasks of either managing or supporting an independent artist’s career. Our clients’ styles include country, jazz, pop, neo-soul, soft electronica, hip-hop and everything in between.  The basic tasks include:

  • Artist marketing
  • Developing and implementing artist strategies
  • Seeking out and pursuing gigs and/or booking agents
  • Seeking artist sponsorships and endorsement deals
  • Seeking out and setting up press and other media opportunities
  • Conducting artist interviews and orientations
  • Whatever else the artist needs daily

Marketing and Communications

We are looking for 1-2 people who can assist us in:

  • Marketing Indie Connect itself
  • Marketing our management and consulting artists
  • Marketing the Business Side of Music podcast
  • Publishing and marketing Indie Connect Magazine
  • Marketing our events and developing new ones
  • Marketing our courses
  • Develop and publish our newsletter

We enjoy interns who can spend some time in the office. However, we work a lot on Zoom, Skype and conference calls so we accept interns who need to work from home or school.

We are located inside Fort Knox Studios, a gigantic new music incubator currently under construction.

640 Massman Dr. Ste 2108, Nashville TN

Vinny Ribas - 615-568-4736 –

Call or email for an interview if you are interested in applying for a position.