Video of ‘Performing Internationally’ Workshop’ with Bob Bender

Bob Bender

Indie Connect hosted a powerful 90 minute workshop by Bob Bender on performing internationally. Because there was such a great demand for this information, we videotaped it! The video is posted and password-protected. The cost of accessing the video is $35.00 (or $25 for paid Indie Connect members). Use the buttons below to pay for the link, and we will send it to you along with the password.

Did you know that many acts can make more performing overseas for 3 months than they can make in a year in the US? Find out how to tap into this lucrative market with this powerful video workshop by Bob Bender.
Here are some of the points Bob covers:
  • Getting noticed in Europe
  • Radio Airplay – Just like the old days in the USA… just better!
  • Touring in Europe – It’s much like working in the 50 states here, just learning new languages
  • What to expect when touring overseas
  • Where else besides Europe should you target?
  • Getting your CD in to stores across the pond
You will also receive a list of promoters that you can contact to set up your tours!
Bob Bender is the founder of Bob Bender Management, a company that specializes in artist development.
Along with years of record label background (Manager of Artist Development along with being the Director of Sales for Curb Records), Bob also Road Managed for 14 years, including touring in Europe with Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Billy Preston, Little Richard, and Sam Moore (of Sam and Dave fame) just to name a few. He has worked in: England, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, and Canada just to name a few.

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