100 Quick Performance-Related Tips For Musicians

Rock band in red10 Things To Watch Out For On The Road

  1. Excessive gambling when you play at or near a casino
  2. Road fatigue
  3. Driving when you’re over tired
  4. Fans who are purposefully trying to get you drunk
  5. Married women (or men) coming on to you
  6. Excuses not to rehearse
  7. Your equipment being stolen
  8. Too many gigs in a row without a break
  9. Not keeping in touch with friends and family back home
  10. Excessive partying, especially when you only have to walk to your hotel room

10 Signs You’re A Big Hit

  1. Vibrant applause
  2. The manager is smiling
  3. The waiters, waitresses and bartenders are busy and smiling
  4. The dance floor is packed for both fast and slow songs
  5. More people are staying than leaving
  6. You recognize fans who have come back to see you again
  7. The manager asks you to play extra
  8. The manager buys you a drink or meal even though it’s not in the contract
  9. The crowd yells for more
  10. You sell a large amount of CDs and merchandise

10 Signs You’re Losing The Crowd

  1. People are yawning, reading, checking email etc.
  2. People are leaving early
  3. No one is on the dance floor
  4. The waiters and waitresses are just hanging around with nothing to do
  5. The bartender has nothing to do
  6. The manager looks worried
  7. You’re feeling nervous and have no confidence
  8. Your normally best songs are laying flat
  9. You’ve lost your energy and drive on stage
  10. The audience is requesting too many songs that you don’t know

10 Ways To Dazzle Your Audience

  1. Amazing vocals
  2. Tight and well-balanced harmonies
  3. Amazing instrumentation
  4. Comedy
  5. A magic trick
  6. Choreography
  7. Band interaction
  8. Lighting or special effects
  9. Your clothing
  10. Your ability to read the audience and know exactly what they want next

10 Things That Mess Artists Up On Stage

  1. Starting in the wrong key
  2. Unreadable set lists
  3. When something breaks (drum head, guitar string etc.)
  4. A poor rhythm section
  5. Being a mismatch for the audience
  6. Obnoxious/inebriated audience members
  7. An out of tune instrument
  8. Starting a song too slowly or too fast
  9. Audience members requesting songs in the middle of a song
  10. Audience members who are distracting for any reason (loud, dressed scantily etc.)

10 Hazards of Performing On Stage

  1. Dancers bumping into the speakers
  2. Dancers bumping into the singer’s mic stand
  3. Electrical surges or grounding challenges
  4. Disgruntled audience members throwing things
  5. Fights in the audience
  6. Falling off stage (even very short ones)
  7. Dancers tripping and falling onto the stage
  8. Drinks spilling onto equipment
  9. Drinks spilling on a band member while he/she is plugged in
  10. Weak risers

10 Attitude Challenges To Keep In Check

  1. Assuming everyone loves you
  2. Assuming the audience will like anything you play
  3. Demanding more money when you haven’t earned a raise
  4. Thinking It’s OK if you get drunk or high before or during the gig
  5. Thinking and acting like you’re irreplaceable
  6. Being openly disgruntled from stage
  7. Badmouthing the venue, staff or management
  8. Thinking you’re not getting paid enough to give 100%
  9. Overconfidence to the point of arrogance
  10. Showing that you think playing that venue is beneath you

10 Things That Can Get An Act Fired On The Spot

  1. Getting drunk or high before or during the gig
  2. Hitting on the staff or management
  3. Verbally abusing anyone in the audience
  4. Getting into a fight
  5. Refusing to turn the volume down when the manager asks
  6. Not delivering what your promo materials promised
  7. Showing up with less or different players than you marketed to get the gig
  8. Lewd and lascivious behavior; offensive language or gestures
  9. Mouthing off to the staff or management
  10. Fighting amongst the band members themselves on stage

10 Things That Endear You To A Venue

  1. Bringing more of your fans to a gig than expected
  2. Asking the manager up front what they want and expect
  3. Delivering exactly what the venue expected
  4. Offering to help the staff in any way
  5. Playing overtime without bickering over money
  6. Showing up and returning from breaks on time
  7. Catering to the audience
  8. Having a genuinely pleasing personality; being easy to work with
  9. Being accommodating to staff, management or audience requests
  10. Knowing how to read and please the audience

10 Warning Signs That You Might Need To Take A Break Or Make A Move

    1. You haven’t learned or written any new songs in quite a while
    2. You don’t get excited about performing any more
    3. You have stopped rehearsing, either personally or as a group
    4. You feel like you’re just going through the motions
    5. You feel like you’re not being challenged
    6. You and the band members are getting on each other’s nerves
    7. You’ve stopped taking extra care of your instrument(s)
    8. You’re getting easily agitated
    9. You aren’t compelled to meet and shmooze with your fans
    10. You’re always tired