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Merch Madness

Key things for an artist to consider when determining the right merch to sell.

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Choosing, Buying And Selling Band Merchandise

© 2012 Vinny Ribas  Selling merchandise can greatly increase your income. Picking the right items, knowing where to get them, setting the right price and knowing the best ways to sell them will result in greater sales and greater profits! Here are some tips for each of these areas: When picking out merchandise to sell: …

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The “T” in Tour Merchandise Stands For T-Shirt

Pro Members Only  The following contribution is from Gigi Swanson of M.G. Incentives, Inc., a company that supplies logo merchandise to a diverse range of small and corporate businesses.  Formerly the director of the music business program at McNally Smith College of Music, Gigi offers her firm’s entertainment clients specific industry knowledge and experience.  She has worked…

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