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Work Backwards

2019 Vinny Ribas If you’re wondering why you’re not making progress in your career, it might be because do your planning by looking forward. The best way to achieve anything great is to state your absolute end goal, and then define the steps that will need to be done just before you reach it. Then…

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When Business Relationships Aren’t Working

At some point or another you are bound to experience a disagreement with a band member, a riff with your booking agent or manager, or even a disagreement with a club owner. The true test of professionalism and leadership is how you handle these kinds of situations. This is where the rubber meets the road

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Building Your Artist Dream Team

Who should be on your dream team depends on the kind of music you play, what your goals are, where you live and tour and more. There are 6 traits you should look for and insist on in your team members.

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Getting Connected In The Nashville Music Industry

2019 Vinny Ribas I hope this helps some people… Nashville is a relationship town. Talent will only take you 10% of the way. You make inroads by making connections and cultivating them. Once someone trusts you they will open more doors for you. Over time, those doors get bigger and more influential. Follow up all…

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Attention Disney Fans and Piano Players/Teachers

Every piano teacher and/or Disney fan will love this new CD, the accompanying piano book as well as all the other valuable rewards from Jason Lyle Black! Last 5 days of the campaign! Please help us kick this one over the top!  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CAMPAIGN!

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A Universal Chart For The Universal Language?

(c) 2018 Vinny Ribas Over the years I have been approached by artists living in Europe, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines and Japan who asked if I can help them with their careers in their home counties. Not being familiar with their cultures, local music industries, social networks etc., I have always told them that I…

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Tom Blizzard: Leveraging Relationships

For one Nashville photographer, the dream of a music career is one step closer. Tom Blizzard heads to Poland to perform at the “Festiwal Piknik Country Mrągowo” Music Festival. But how he got the gig is worth noting for every musician.

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Protected: Daniel Panetta – Holding On

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chris Timbers

After Prison, Alternative-Soul Artist Chris Timbers Vows to “Keep Movin”‘

When alternative-soul singer-songwriter Chris Timbers talks about his journey as an artist journey, his first thought, is “This is a piece of cake compared to spending 6½ years in prison!”

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Indie Connect Welcomes Amazing Alternative-Soul Artist, Chris Timbers

Indie Connect is proud to welcome rootsy, alternative-soul singer/songwriter Chris Timbers to it’s stable of unique artists.

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