10 More Top 10 Lists of Tips For Indie Artists

© 2015 Vinny Ribas

rockersTen Things Entertainment Buyers Hate:

  1. When an artist tells them what they like and don’t like
  2. When an artists shows up late for the gig
  3. When the artist refuses to turn the volume down when asked, or worse yet, turns it up for spite
  4. When an artist argues or fights with a patron
  5. When an artist doesn’t return phone calls
  6. When an artist doesn’t sign and return the contract
  7. When the artist is drunk or high during the gig
  8. When an artist doesn’t deliver what they promised they could (fans, quality etc,)
  9. When an artist has unrealistic or un-called for demands
  10. When an artist has to stop the show due to avoidable equipment failure

Ten Things Entertainment Buyers Love:

  1. An artist who asks what the buyer wants, likes, prefers etc.
  2. An artist who shows up on time for sound check, the gig and every set
  3. An artist who caters to the audience 100%
  4. An artist who does his or her homework about a venue before calling
  5. An artist who surpasses all expectations
  6. An artist who handles business professionally
  7. An artist who is concerned about the venue making money
  8. An artist who helps with the marketing and PR
  9. An artist who goes the extra mile by helping any way they can (including off stage)
  10. An artist who has a great, positive attitude and is easy to work with.

Ten Things That Ruin A Press/Promo Kit:

  1. Bad or outdated photos
  2. No live recordings
  3. Poor quality recordings
  4. Missing pieces
  5. Outdated information
  6. Bad contact info
  7. Inconsistency in the image and sound
  8. All hype and no meat
  9. Being phony or a wannabe (you don’t need a cowboy hat to be a country singer)
  10. Hard to navigate (online) or open (e.g. CDs with the shrink-wrap still on them

Ten Things That Make You Seem Unprofessional

  1. Pictures that are not centered, out of focus or not flattering
  2. Promotional materials without contact information
  3. A website with broken links
  4. A social network page with a poor layout or skin
  5. A message on your answering machine or voicemail that is not business-like
  6. Poorly recorded music or video
  7. CDs and promotional materials that don’t have contact information on them
  8. Showing up late for anything
  9. Not having a business card when someone asks for one
  10. Being unprepared to do business

Ten Things That Make You Look Impressive

  1. A great looking, easy to navigate website
  2. A great EPK
  3. Social networks pages that are well planned out, simple and consistent with your brand
  4. Sending personal thank-you cards
  5. Great promotional photos
  6. Professional, good looking business cards
  7. Showing an entertainment buyer that you’ve done your homework about them and their venue
  8. Professionally written press releases
  9. Volunteering to perform at fundraisers and other charity events
  10. Delivering more than you were paid for

Ten Things That Audiences Love

  1. Recognition and appreciation during the show that they are the reason you play music
  2. A well-rehearsed band
  3. Strong vocals, and especially strong harmonies
  4. Giveaways in the middle of the shows
  5. Artists that have fun on stage
  6. A well choregraphed act (all movements on stage, not necessarily dance moves)
  7. Recognition and appreciation in your newsletter, on your website etc.
  8. Sticking around after the show to meet everyone who wants to meet you
  9. Playing the songs your audience expects and wants you to play, not just the ones you want to play
  10. Artists who are genuine, honest and modest.

Ten Ways To Make The Rest Of The Band Angry At You

  1. Show up unprepared for rehearsals
  2. Show up late for rehearsals
  3. Show up late for gigs
  4. Show up impaired for gigs or rehearsals
  5. Jeopardizing the band’s reputation by doing something that draws negative attention
  6. Hogging the stage or the solos
  7. Playing louder than everyone else
  8. Hogging the press
  9. Splitting the income unfairly
  10. Upstaging the other members

Ten Ways To Endear Yourself To Your Fans

  1. Show your appreciation via free downloads, free shows etc.
  2. Thank you fans everywhere – in your newsletter, on your website, at every show etc.
  3. Stay late after shows to meet everyone who wants to meet you
  4. Give them a peek at your personal life (e.g. Twitter)
  5. Learn what they expect from you and then over-deliver
  6. Answer as much fan mail/email as possible
  7. Learning the names of your most ardent fans
  8. Inviting them personally to a CD release party
  9. Writing songs about them
  10. Posting photos or videos of them on your website and social networks  

Ten Fatal Career Mistakes

  1. Missing a gig, because you get a reputation as someone unreliable
  2. Badmouthing people (especially someone influential), because it always gets back to that person
  3. Starting an argument or picking a fight, especially with someone influential
  4. Releasing music that is not the quality your fans expected (production or song choice)
  5. Performing a show that is completely different from what your fans expect
  6. Canceling gigs, again because it tarnishes your reputation
  7. Burning or cheating someone, because word travels fast and no one will want to work with or for you
  8. Performing in a venue that you’re not ready for yet, because bad 1st impressions can be hard or impossible to overcome
  9. Ignoring your fans, because they will just move on to someone comparable who appreciates them
  10. Doing things in your personal life that are embarrassing, against the law, extremely careless or destroy the image that you’ve created as an artist

Ten Things That Can Kick Start Your Career

      1. Appearance on a major TV show (only if you’re ready)
      2. Appearance at a major charity fundraiser (e.g. national telethon)
      3. Putting on a great show when there are few people in the audience, because one of them few might be or know a reporter, a radio programmer, a booking agent or someone else influential
      4. Getting strong, positive publicity (radio, TV, talk shows, print, blogs etc.)
      5. Getting great, unsolicited reviews, even if it is just local
      6. Appearing with or opening up for artists who are at a higher level than you are
      7. Winning major talent and/or songwriting competitions
      8. Finding or writing incredible, show-stopping songs
      9. Joining with or crusading for a popular cause (e.g. eliminating human trafficking or cancer)
      10. Showcasing other talents such as writing a book, painting or bull riding