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5 Things Booking Agents Want From You

Some agents will require that you build a demand for your live show. However, you can pursue agents who represent soft-ticket gigs (venues that already have an audience and just need a great entertainer). A strong and appropriate promo video, pictures etc. If you’re going after theater gigs, your promo should be shot in a…

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10 Tips For Getting The Gigs You Really Want

by Vinny Ribas Every artist has their list of ‘dream gigs’ that they’d really like to play. Here are some tips for getting those gigs. Work your way up to the gig. Start playing smaller venues with similar crowds. Leverage your successes there to sell your act to your target venue.  Study everything about your…

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Troubleshooting Getting Gigs

© 2011 Vinny Ribas I have been on both sides of the booking process in my career, working as a musician, band leader, artist, booking agent, artist manager and state fair entertainment director. What I’ve realized is that there are a large number of vital factors that go into matching an act with a venue.…

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