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Attracting The Contacts That You Need As An Indie Artist

© 2010 Vinny Ribas If you are putting your name and reputation on the line by performing, marketing your act and your music, having a website etc., people who can make a profound difference in your career are watching you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the A&R Director of a major record label, though it…

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How and Where To Make Vital Music Industry Connections

© 2015 Vinny Ribas There are several keys to making contacts that you need to move your career forward: Do your homework ans know exactly who you are looking for. You don’t need to have a name, but at least know what role they fill (producer, booking agent etc.) Asking for ‘someone who can help me…

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Tips To Make Your Road Gigs Go Smoother

© 2009 Vinny Ribas I spent the better part of fifteen years on the road, playing every kind of venue from scary truck stops to the world’s largest, most eloquent luxury cruise ship, the SS Norway. In most of the locations, the venue provided lodging for us. Some provided meals. Some gave us nothing but…

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