Top Music Industry Podcasts

headphonesby Vinny Ribas CEO of Indie Connect

Listed here are my top music industry podcasts for anyone who wants to get educated about various aspects of the music business. These podcasts were picked out of hundreds that exist on iTunes. Their official descriptions are given along with their websites. Whether you’re a professional musician or just getting started, these podcasts are a quick and easy way to immerse yourself in the business side of music.

The Business Side of Music

This weekly podcast, hosted by music industry veteran, Bob Bender, is geared specifically towards helping independent artists and songwriters navigate the industry. It features expert guests from all segments of the industry.

Music Marketing Manifesto

Music Marketing Manifesto is a leading resource for today’s DIY musicians and Music Business Professionals. Presented by John Oszajca, Music Marketing Expert and Former Major Label Recording Artist.

Music Marketing Maifesto Podcast

Rick Barker

Rick is Taylor Swift’s former manager and an expert at music marketing. This podcast will certainly enlighten you and motivate you no matter what level your music career is at.

Rick Barker Podcast

Techmuze Academy Podcast

This is an entertaining and informative podcast whose purpose is to keep you up to date on the latest tips, trends, technology and techniques to aid you in your home studio music making endeavors. This podcast is useful for those that can’t afford studio time and want to work from home.

TechMuze Academy Podcast

The Modern Musician Podcast

This show is where musicians can find tips, tricks, tactics and strategies to help them lead fulfilling and financially successful careers in today’s modern music industry. Daily interviews with inspirational and intelligent guests bring musicians into the modern world quickly, and show them what it takes and how they can accomplish the same thing in their careers.

The Modern Musician Podcast

Artist Empowerment Radio Podcast

Bob Baker”s Podcast of self -promotion tips and information for musicians, artists, writers and creative people of all kinks. Bob Baker is an author, speaker, musician, and former music magazine editor dedicated to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes through their artistic passions.

Artist Empowerment Radio Podcast

The Marketing Musician Podcast

The Marketing Musician Podcast is aimed to help musicians get more gigs, more fans, and more music sales by harnessing the power of the Internet through relentless marketing, efficient use of music promotion tools, and a driving desire to spread their music to the world.

The Marketing Musician Podcast

The Music Biz Weekly

Welcome to The Music Biz Weekly, a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Brandvold. Each week we discuss the latest events in the music business and music marketing events and techniques.

The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

Music Business Facts

Successful music industry experts share their stories, secrets, insights and strategies on how to establish a career in the music business, no matter which facet you are pursuing.

Music Business Facts Podcast

Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast

Music industry guru Bobby Owsinski gives you his personal insights into the industry of music covering industry news, reviews, analysis and tips as well as offering amazing interviews with prominent industry movers and shakers every show! If you know Bobby, you are in for an enlightening and engaging treat. So enjoy the show!

Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle Podcast

When Life Hands You Lennons

Imagine trying to build a career in your dream field without connections. Imagine working hard and sharing your work, but it’s not getting in front of the right people. When Life Hands You Lennons will help you change that. It’s the podcast that spotlights the talent within the music business while getting it in front of the right people, especially you.

When Life Hands You Lennons

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