10 Ways To Effectively Increase Your Notoriety

© 2009 Vinny Ribas

1. Perform at charity events, especially those with notoriety. Offer to perform before the organization plans their events. That way you are their first choice. They might even create an event around you!
2. Ask friends if you can open for them. Don’t hog the show. What you really want from this is name awareness.
3. Write press releases about interesting aspects of your act, your career or about special gigs.
4. Utilize social networks. Study them to find which ones reach your target audience. Make friends or connections with fans, but also with artists who are similar to you.
5. Develop a street team (people who will [private_member]help you with your marketing because they like you and/or your music).
6. Exchange web banners with businesses whose customers are your target demographic (mybannermaker.com)
7. Create “I’m a fan of __________” widgets and ask all of your fans, friends and family to put them on their social network sites, business websites etc.
8. Have t-shirts made with your name or logo on them and give them away at every show to contest winners. That lets everyone at the gig know that you have them. Also give an ample supply to friends and family. Any time someone wears your shirt, it’s free publicity for you!
9. Put out your own newsletter once or twice a month. Be sure to add personal tidbits in there. Also add anything that will make your readers want to forward your newsletter to their friends (funny stories, offers for free or reduced tickets etc.)
10. Offer to perform at malls or in front of other retail outlets. Pass out fliers to your shows, business cards, free download cards, balloons with your logo and web address etc. Be sure you have an attractive and easily visible sign with your name and website on it. Again, the purpose is to make your name a household word.[/private_member]