12 Places You Can License Your Music

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Music licensing has become a very marketing and revenue-generating valuable tool for indie artists. However, when most artists think of licensing, they limit themselves to feature films and TV. But just think about this for second. Almost every time you hear music, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, someone somewhere was looking to find the right song! Here are 10 more places that you can try![private_member]

  1. Feature films – there are many ways to get your music into feature films, ranging from building relationships with music supervisors to using online services like Broadjam.com, CrucialMusic.com and many others. See the various videos on this site that cover exactly how to do this.
  2. TV shows – The same strategies that you would use to license your music. The aforementioned videos also cover how to do this.
  3. Documentaries – There are many media companies that produce documentaries. You can look them up online and contact them directly. You can also watch documentaries on TV and get the producer’s information. You may also find some information at www.imdb.com.
  4. Independent films – You can reach indie filmmakers through your local film clubs, colleges, film festivals etc.
  5. Film shorts – You can reach indie filmmakers who produce shorts through your local film clubs, colleges, film festivals etc.
  6. Commercials – national and local. You can approach advertising agencies for bigger companies, and contact the local companies yourself.
  7. Video games – You need to make theses companies aware of your music. The licensing is actually done through the PROs. You can find networking groups for game designers online.
  8. Products – from doorbells to teddy bears to greeting cards. Approach the manufacturers, or contact product designers.
  9. Corporate films – both training films and investor presentations. You can contact the corporations directly, or ask about the media company they use for their videos.
  10. Web commercials – think of all the websites that have videos about their products on their home page. Contact web designers and let them know that you have songs, or can write and produce a custom song for their clients.
  11. For personal videos – people put music behind their personal videos of their wedding, family, vacation, pets etc. On your social networks, ask for referrals to engaged couples, people going who is on vacation or even someone who has lost a family member and wants to post a tribute. Of course, it helps to have appropriate music for them to listen to.
  12. License your tracks without lead vocals to singers who want to record your songs. Find singers in your local area, on Facebook and other social network sites, on YouTube etc. Look for singers who are only singing cover songs!

There is no end to the possibilities! The need for music is everywhere, and it’s not going away any time soon. Combine that with the fact that the major labels often want exorbitant amounts of money to use their music, and you get a wide open field for indie artists![/private_member]

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