Questions Artists Must Know The Answers To Before Calling For A Gig

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Before you make a call for another gig, be sure you have all of these answers ready. It will show that you are a professional who takes care of business.[private_member]

  1. How much do you charge? You’ll look like an amateur if you fumble over this. Know your rates for one or multiple nights.
  2. What are your sound requirements? Be sure you have a rider that details your minimum and preferred requirements for sound and lighting.
  3. Where can I hear (or buy) your music? Be sure you have a website that is easy for them to get to to hear or buy your music. 
  4. Where can I see a live video? Buyers know that you make a studio recording sound great. They also know that having a great sound doesn’t necessarily make you a great entertainer.
  5. Where can I come to see the act live? Be sure your upcoming gigs are listed on your website.
  6. What other venues have you played that are similar to mine? This is vital if the venue doesn’t know you. It gives them a sense of the level you’re at.
  7. Who can I call for a reference?  Have this list ready to send them right away. Be sure you have permission from the people on your list to use them as a reference.
  8. Who is in the band? This shows stability. Post short bios (1-2 paragraphs or just bullet points) )of your band members on your website.
  9. What is your website address? Having a good looking website makes you look professional. Your website should be able to sell you so well that you don’t have to do it yourself.
  10. How big is your fanbase in my area? Be honest. If you don’t have one there, andthere is time between booking the gig and the date of the gig, tell them you’ll work hard to build the fanbase there. Or you can ask for a referral to a place that already has its own patrons and doesn’t depend on the act to bring in a crowd.
  11. What is your fan demographic? Venues need to know that the people they have are going to enjoy your music. They also want to know that the fans you bring will fit in with their patrons.
  12. Where can I see a set list? This gives them a good indication of the kinds of music you will play.

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