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Costly Songwriter Mistakes

It’s Important To Understand The Business Side of Songwriting © 2019 Vinny Ribas You many be amazing at writing lyrics and/or music. You study the craft to ensure you know the all rules and when and how to break them. But have you taken the time to fully understand the business side of your songwriting…

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Resources For Songwriters

© 2014 Vinny Ribas Note: The following resources are not rated in any way. The order of listing is completely random.

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The Cost Of Being A Successful Songwriter

© 2010 Vinny Ribas I recently received an email from a young woman who asked me how she could become a professional songwriter. When I suggested that she join a local songwriter’s group, she said that she wasn’t willing to pay to meet other songwriters. That got me thinking about what it really costs, in…

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