Resources For Songwriters

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Note: The following resources are not rated in any way. The order of listing is completely random.

Valuable Websites


  • ‘The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success’ by Rand Bishop
  • ‘The Songwriter’s Coloring Book’ by Bill Pere
  • ‘6 Steps to Songwriting Success’ by Jason Blume
  • Jason’s Blume’s series, also available on CD – ‘Writing Hit Melodies’, ‘Writing Hit Lyrics’ and ‘Taking Care of Business’
  • ‘Successful Lyric Writing’ by Sheila Davis
  • ‘Makin’ Stuff Up’ by Rand Bishop
  • ‘The Craft and Business Of Songwriting’ by John Braheny
  • ‘The Songwriter’s Marketplace’
  • ‘The Songwriter’s Guide To Recording Professional Demos’ by Cliff Goldmacher – free e-book
  • ‘1000 Songwriting Ideas’ by Lisa Aschmann


  • Song Idea Generator – For when you can’t come up with something to write about
  • MasterWriter – songwriting software with multiple tools
  • Audacity – Free digital recording software
  • – Online rhyming dictionary
  • ‘The New Comprehensive American Rhyming Dictionary’ – rhymes words and phrases
  • – Create rhythm tracks without playing an instrument






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