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The Case For Co-Writing

Co-writing songs may not be for everyone all the time, but every writer can draw benefits from the experience. © 2019 Vinny Ribas Many songwriters insist on writing their own songs for any number of predictable reasons. But in most cases the reasons are more ego-driven and far outnumbered by the reasons you should co-write.…

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An Aspiring Songwriter’s First Job

By Rand Bishop www.RandBishop.com I find that I really don’t know exactly what I know until I express it, sometimes verbally, but more often via the written word. My compulsion to keep reminding myself of the many things I’ve learned over the course of more than four decades in the music biz (went quickly, believe…

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Resources For Songwriters

© 2014 Vinny Ribas Note: The following resources are not rated in any way. The order of listing is completely random.

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