20 Places To Promote Your Shows For Free

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Here are a number of places where you might be able to promote your shows for free. Keep in mind that these promotions only work if you keep them completely up to date. Keep in mind that there are tools like ArtistData.com that enable you to syndicate your events onto multiple websites all at once. Ping.fm allows you to ‘tweet’ to many of your social networks all at once as well.[private_member]

  1.  Local newspaper events calendars.
  2. Craigslist,com – Free classifieds. Be sure to post your gigs when you’re on the road as well as at home.
  3. Backpage.com – It’s identical to Craigslist
  4. Meetup.com – Do you belong to a music-related Meetup group? If there isn’t one in your area, start one!
  5. MySpace, Facebook, Reverb Nation, Broadjam, Indie Heaven and other social network sites – Both fans and entertainment buyers who are checking you out like to see how often you perform.  Having all of your dates posted shows them that that you are popular.
  6. Twitter – Build relationships online, convert them to ‘followers’ and then the turn them into fans.
  7. Online concert websites, such as Eventful.com, Jambase.com, Mojam.com and Musi-cal.com.
  8. Local websites – Are there local ‘Welcome to…’ websites in your area that have events calendars? How about music stores that have events calendars on their websites.
  9. Press releases – Send them to local newspapers, especially ones with large music sections.
  10. Your own website – Be sure that your gigs are on your website and very easy to find.
  11. Your own newsletter. If you’re not collecting email address of your fans and sending out a monthly newsletter, you’re losing a lot of potential income!
  12. Local email newsletters. Find out who sends out a weekly music or arts related email blast in your area.
  13. Your local Chamber of Commerce may have an events section of their website.
  14. Place fliers and/or postcards in coffee shops and other locations where your target demographic visits regularly.
  15. Do your local music stores have a bulletin board where you can post your flier? If not, suggest one.
  16. Is there a musicians’ social network in your area? Build a profile, build a friend base and then send an email blast or event invitation to them when you’re performing locally.
  17. Is there a podcast that interviews or features local artists (or artists coming to town)?
  18. Is there a local TV show that features artists? Even a cable access show can introduce you to some new fans.
  19. Are there public bulleting boards at your local colleges (if that is your fan demographic)? Remember that community colleges have students of all ages.
  20. If you’re on the road, ask the places your going to perform at where to post your shows in their region. Showing them that you are partnering with them in marketing the show goes a long way in getting repeat bookings.

It is important to understand that there is more than one purpose behind marketing. Of course you want to bring more people to your shows. But having your name everywhere they turn makes people think you must be worth checking out. So even if they can’t make it a show, they may buy your CD or download a song or 2 online. They might tell a friend in another city where you’ll be performing. They may make a point of checking you out the next time you perform in their area. Lastly, mass exposure will get the attention of entertainment buyers who might be interested in booking you.[/private_member]

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