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Getting Connected In The Nashville Music Industry

2019 Vinny Ribas I hope this helps some people… Nashville is a relationship town. Talent will only take you 10% of the way. You make inroads by making connections and cultivating them. Once someone trusts you they will open more doors for you. Over time, those doors get bigger and more influential. Follow up all…

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A Universal Chart For The Universal Language?

(c) 2018 Vinny Ribas Over the years I have been approached by artists living in Europe, Mexico, Russia, the Philippines and Japan who asked if I can help them with their careers in their home counties. Not being familiar with their cultures, local music industries, social networks etc., I have always told them that I…

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Chris Timbers

After Prison, Alternative-Soul Artist Chris Timbers Vows to “Keep Movin”‘

When alternative-soul singer-songwriter Chris Timbers talks about his journey as an artist journey, his first thought, is “This is a piece of cake compared to spending 6½ years in prison!”

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Award-Winning Composer, Jason Lyle Black Releases Disney Medleys Connection

Jason Lyle Black has partnered with Hal Leonard, the world’s largest sheet music publisher, on a new collection of Disney hits, Disney Medleys for Piano Solo, available on Black’s new online store,

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7 Questions To Ask To Find The Right Gigs and Increase Your Income

© 2017 Vinny Ribas Every day I am approached by artists who are playing gigs that are not perfect for them. It could be because they have to change their show for the venue, the money is too low or even non-existent and more. So here is a little guideline to help you determine which gigs you should be…

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5 Reasons Why Many Artists Fail

© 2017 Vinny Ribas I have consulted over 1000 artists over the years. In that time I have noticed a number of recurring situations or issues that prevented many of them from moving up the ladder of success. Here are my top 5: Misunderstanding the way the industry works when it comes to achieving their individual…

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Tips For Deepening Your Fan Engagement

© 2017 Vinny Ribas In today’s music landscape it is critical for artists to buoild deep connections with their fans. It is the only way to keep them loyal and engaged with you. Without a conscious effort on your part, they will become easily distracted and move on to another artist who makes the effort…

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Music – A Team Sport

No artist can build a solid career completely alone. Do you wonder why you’re so exhausted and can’t get ahead of the game? The simple truth is there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done.

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How To Get Your Music Submissions Noticed

Any time you pitch your act to a booking agency, manager or record label, you are facing very stiff competition. The same goes with entering a songwriting contest or pitching a song to a publisher. Your job is to wow your reviewer immediately and so want to listen and watch more.

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A Formula For Music Industry Success

© 2017 Vinny Ribas Find what you love – the sound, the writing, the performance and the lifestyle. Be sure you love it all. You find it by trying it all! You never know what you’ll love until you experience it – like an incredible meal or wine that you try for the first time.…

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