How To Get Christmas-Related Gigs

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Many companies that have Christmas parties book their entertainment in the spring or early fall. Here are some ways to get in on some of the action.

  • Put a Christmas Party promo kit or EPK together. Focus on the ‘family friendly’ nature of your act, especially if you’re going after parties where kids will be present. Include any songs or games you play specifically for the kids.
  • Call all of your friends who work for larger companies and ask them [private_member]to find out who is in charge of the party. Ask them to make an introduction if they know the person personally.
  • Gather any appropriate references that you have from doing other private parties. These will help you tremendously.
  • Advertise that you’re available in places like, etc. Also put ads in the classifieds section of your local newspapers. If you can afford it, take out an actual ad. Be sure to provide a link to your website and contact info in every ad!
  • Call on companies big enough to hold Christmas parties. Quite often, the receptionist or secretary who answers the phone has been assigned the task of organizing he party, and is glad to not have to go searching for entertainment.
  • Learn the most common Christmas songs, and make the buyers aware that you can play them.
  • Remember that malls, shopping centers and other places where lots of people gather also often have Christmas entertainment.
  • Remember that many companies will be thinking that they won’t be able to afford Christmas parties this year. If you can be flexible on your price, you may be able to convince them that they can.
  • Let every caterer and restaurant with banquet facilities know that you are available. Give them flyers or at least business cards to pass out to their customers. Many companies forget about booking entertainment until the last minute when the most notable entertainers are already booked. Referring you makes them look like a hero! Pay them a referral fee for any gigs you get through them, if it is appropriate.
  • If possible, have one of your members also be the Santa Claus. That cuts the price of hiring a separate person for that role. Your employer will love you!

Christmas parties can be a lucrative source of revenues, as are almost all private parties. Fill your calendar now for December so that you can put money aside for the slower winter months![/private_member]

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